Thinking about moving to Office365? Fantastic idea!

Many businesses now take advantage of reliable email hosting, amazing collaboration tools and the latest Microsoft Office software.

Over the past few years, we have worked with lots of company owners to get them transitioned to the Microsoft service fast, easy and painlessly.

What does this mean for you? We’ve done it enough times, that we know what we’re doing. We’ve been through the Gotchya’s, WhatIf’s and Unknowns.

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Our Process

We have worked with a huge number of clients moving from older, archaic email services such as POP and IMAP, into the Office365 ecosystem. At this point we have a very solid process to easily migrate you over.

Step 1 Information Gathering

We need access to your Domain Name, DNS servers and current mail server.

Sound ‘techie’ ? don’t worry. We will determine where these services are on the internet and what we need to use them.

Step 2 Office365 Account Setup

We will configure the Office365 environment to be ready for your organization. This includes setting up the user accounts and domains

Step 3 Trial Migration

We will carry out a test migration to ensure that we can reliably move the data over. With some older systems, there is a chance that the migration may stumble on a few items – so we like to test it first!

Step 4 Staging

Once we know what the state of play is, we will pre-populate the mailboxes on Office365 so that it takes less time to ‘Go-Live’

Step 5 Go-Live

We flick that switch! Your emails will start being delivered to your shiny new Office 365 accounts, while we work with your staff to ensure they have access to emails on their computers and their mobile devices

Step 6 Training for Staff

We will spend time with the staff members to ensure that they are familiar with the new Office software and can access the online portal.

Step 7 Cleaning Up the Stragglers

There are occasions where, due to internet mail delivery times, new mail is still being sent to the old server. We will re-run the migration process and update the Office365 mail server with the latest mail so that you’re all up to date

Step 8 Success

At this point, most of the team will High-Five the project lead tech and grab a refreshing beverage

Step 9 Follow Up

We will keep in touch for a week or so to ensure that your team doesn’t have any issues with the new service.

Lets chat about how Office365 can benefit your business!

I’m going to be honest, Office365 has made a huge difference to our company with increased email reliability, easy configuration and management and enhanced collaboration features across the team. Personally – I think you’re gonna love it!

– Matthew@SerenitySolutions