Service Packs

A Service Pack is a pre-paid bundle of hours, available to you. This allows your team to quickly get support when they need it, without hitting your I.T. budget for the month.

You can use Service Pack service credits towards any of our services. In most cases, 1 credit = 1 hour of time, however credits are flexible and you can also use credits to escalate an issue, and “jump the queue” or obtain out of hours assistance.

Our pre-paid Service Packs are available in different sizes, to best fit your organization’s needs. Larger Service Packs are eligible for a discounted rate.

You’ll receive a monthly update with the number of available credits each month, along with your report of work completed in that same month.

Pre-purchase your I.T. time for huge benefits.

  • Reduced prices for block hour purchases
  • No overages to worry about
  • Ongoing team usage reporting
  • Simple top-up using your credit card
  • Easy credit system to escalate your issue priority
  • You Decide The Priority!

In action examples;

A staff member has a problem with their computer not working. We are onsite for an hour to resolve the problem – 1 Credit

There is a server issue that causes all employees to be unable to work. We work on the problem and resolve in 2 hours – 2 credits plus 1 “jump the queue” credit = 3 credits used

Buy Your Service Pack Online:

New customers will be contacted for on-boarding information

Notes & Terms

  • Service packs are subject to applicable taxes
  • “Jump The Queue” and “Out Of Hours” upgrades will prioritize response times ahead of other Service Pack clients and ad-hoc casual clients.