Our Partner Program – Extending YOUR Value Position

Here’s the thing. You work with a business clients on a daily basis. You help your clients in your field and provide an excellent service. And that’s awesome.

We want to help you deliver that exceptional service, by extending value to your client with the best IT support, development and systems they can get.

What We Offer For You

  • Ongoing referral commission
  • A team of IT professionals
  • We work with you to deliver a value driven service to your clients

What We Offer Your Clients

  • Piece of mind

Partner Program Industries

The Partner Program is ideal for companies working in the B2B space.

  • Business Consultants
  • Accountants
  • Telecoms Companies
  • Systems Implementation Specialists
  • Print Device Sales/Service

Why Would You Partner With Us?

We’ve worked with many clients to deliver amazing IT services on behalf of their partners. In addition to our extensive experience with IT systems in various sizes of organization, our team values positive client experience and satisfaction above all else.

Examples of how we’ve helped our Partners

One of our partners has a business model, selling advertising systems (display screens and hardware) for hotels. Serenity manages the installation and deployment of these, within our service areas and coordinates installations in more remote regions.

Another partner provides value added services by using our IT Support service as an outsourced service arm, for their retail location.

Learn More

We’re really looking forward to learning how we can help add value to your organization.