Disconnecting Networks And Slow Internet

I love network problems. Really. So when we got a call from a customer who was experiencing slow and intermittent networking, we had to check it out. One of the problems with I.T. is that it can be so confusing. So many different products reportedly doing the same thing. Which should a business owner choose? […]


When A Client Needs Space

Two months ago, one of our clients came to us, and told us they needed space. Storage space. And a lot of it. The client was installing a brand new, video surveillance system at one of their production facilities and wanted to ensure they kept a history of the video for at least two years. […]


G Suite by Google

G Suite – Productivity in the Cloud Google has rebranded their Google Apps. Serenity Solutions is now proud to present G Suite. G Suite, with Google Drive, brings all the benefits of cloud computing to your small business. By having Google host your files securely in the cloud, your work will always be saved and […]


Understanding Automation – How WE Leverage Automated Services

Understanding Automation – How WE Leverage Automated Services The strategic use of automation allows us to protect your business from harm. Business technology is the bane of the modern worker. No matter how well-intentioned the members of your staff are, when they have computer troubles, it complicates everything they are trying to accomplish. This, in […]

retail it

Retail IT

IT Solutions for Retail Businesses Serenity Solutions provides technologies built for the modern retail business. New technologies have begun to grey that line where the traditional brick and mortar storefront ends and the dynamic online storefront begins… changing the industry substantially. If your company is searching for an IT provider that can help you develop […]


Understanding Ransomware

Understanding Ransomware What You Need to Know About the Malware that Hits Your Data, and Then Your Wallet Cyber criminals have no shortage of tools at their disposal in their attempts to abuse and take advantage of those they set their sights on. Recently, however, it seems that more and more of them select ransomware […]

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IT for Education – Expand Your Students’ Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions

IT for Education – Expand Your Students’ Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions Utilize today’s greatest technology solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow. The use of technology in education keeps improving every year. The more that educators depend on technology solutions to provide their students with the newest technology solutions, the more cost effective support […]

access denied

Access Control Solutions – Using Technology to Secure Your Business

Access control is a crucial part of an organization’s physical and virtual security. The modern business owner or technology-minded executive has a responsibility to find solutions that enhance the security of their company’s assets. Whether your business needs a system to manage its employees access to data, or solutions to improve its physical security, the […]

understanding shadow it

Understanding Shadow IT – Threats of Unauthorized Software

Unauthorized software can be a major pain for network administrators. When a business sets out to add to their IT, they often choose the solutions based on their immediate needs. This is because when trying to look to the future an organization cannot know what obstacles will pop up. For this reason your organization’s IT […]