So you need an Automatic Reply?

With your Office 365 it’s easier than ever before to set up your very own Out of Office automatic reply!

Let’s say you are starting with your installed Microsoft Outlook application:

  1. Your first step is to have Outlook open.
  2. Then you need to select File.
  3. Proceed to select Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
  4. Select your time range and then at the bottom there will be two tabs: Inside My Organization and Outside My Organization
    Once you’ve selected your timeline you can put your message into those two boxes and your Automatic Reply would then be sent out for everyone that emails you!
  5. If an Out of Office email isn’t exactly what you need and you want that AND the ability to forward your email off to someone else in your office. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In the Automatic Replied window (the one where you set the time and messages) there is a little box you can click on the lower left-hand corner names Rules.
    If we click on that it will show us any rules we have set up for this instance.  Most the time it will be blank.
  6. We can then proceed to select Add rule. This will open a box to configure some settings. What we are interested in is two fields:The box that is under Sent to (labelled “sent directly to me”) and Forward.
    Check off the Sent Directly to Me check-box and Forward will be who you want it to go to (make sure the check box before forward is checked!)

  7. And with that you’re ready for that much-needed time off!

But there is always that one thing you forget to do before vacation.  With Office 365 your back is covered!

  1. Simply log into http://portal.office.com and log in with your email and password (the same one on your outlook)
  2. That will bring you to a screen, where it will give you assorted options that you can select.  We are looking for the tile that says Mail.
  3. When that loads up you will be greeted with your emails, and then can easily just head up to the top right-hand corner, and click the settings button (). That will pop open a side menu where the first option is going to be Automatic Replies. The setup is generally the same as on outlook with one difference: we cannot set up someone to get our messages forwarded to them from this menu. So, if that is something you want, fear not, there is a way to do it!
  4. After you click the “OK” button on the top of the Automatic Replies window, you can then use the search field for your settings to find “Forwarding”.
    From there you can select the Start Forwarding option, type in an email, and click OK.

As always, should you need help we are always glad and able to assist you!


Michael Kreitzer