Google Drive App on Windows Not Syncing All Folders

Collaborating with a team has never been easier, using Google Drive. Files and documents are easily synchronized between devices, team members and online… except for you, they aren’t.

First, check that you have access to the folders. You can do this by logging into your Google Drive account online, and going to the Drive option. You can easily find this using the Google Icon in your system tray and then pressing the OPEN GOOGLE DRIVE option. (#1)

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Once you know that the folders are indeed there, and should be visible on your computer, we need to take a look at the Google Drive app on your computer.

Click on the icon in the ask tray and select the three dots at the top right of the popup window. (#3)

Next, select Preferences.


In this window, you can pick which folders to sync with your computer. Check off the ones you want and hit the Apply button. Those files will start downloading to your computer.

Image result for google drive screenshots windows app preference

(Before you do – check that you have enough storage space on your computer to download the files!)



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